Sharpen Blurry Images Using Deblur

Blur is a commonly used term in photography where the entire image or parts of the image are not in focus, resulting in a less-than-crisp image. This can show up in your photos as motion streaks,  a general out-of-focus or slightly fuzzy image due to camera settings, moving subjects, or an unsteady hand. Here's how to use the AI-powered Deblur tool to bring out lost details and clearer faces as part of BeFunky's collection of photo enhancing tools.

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Step 1: Open your photo in BeFunky’s Photo Editor and select the Deblur located in the Detail Enhancements in the Edit menu. 

Step 2: Select the type of Deblur you would like to apply to your image.

  • Focus: This is best used in cases where the general image and/or subjects are out of focus.
  • Motion: This is best used in cases where a motion blur appears due to either the subject or photographer moving. 

Step 3 (optional):  Select the toggle next to Recover Faces. This feature works best with forward-facing human subjects. This option can be applied to bring out the details of faces in the photo.  By default, the Recover Faces toggle will be deselected, allowing you to view the image before and after the enhancement.  

This can be toggled off if you do not wish to utilize this option.

 Step 4: By default, the Before and After checkbox will be selected, allowing you to view the image before and after applying the edit.  The original version will appear on the left of the slider arrow, and the enhanced image will appear on the right side.  Select and drag the arrow slider to the left to view more of the enhanced image. Select and drag to the arrow slider right to view more of the original image. 

The Before and After checkbox can be deselected if you do not wish to see this option. Only the Deblurred image will be displayed.  

Step 5 (optional): Use the Select tab to place to tool in Select mode to selectively apply the effect to the image.  

Step 6:  Click Apply to save your changes. 

Step 7: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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