Upscale An Image

Using the Upscale tool, you can automatically bring out the details that are usually lost when editing and enlarging images. Rather than just increasing the size of the pixels, the AI-powered Upscale tool enhances the clarity, sharpness, and resolution by removing excess noise and artifacts that are usually left behind when enlarging an image. The Upscale tool can be found in the Edit section of our Photo Editor

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Step 1: Open an image you wish to edit in the Photo Editor. Go to the Edit menu and select Upscale under the Detail Enhancements section. 

Step 2: While maintaining the aspect ratio, the image will automatically upscale as large as possible up to four times the image size or 4088 x 4088 px, whichever limit comes first. 

The newly upscaled dimensions will be displayed to the right of the original dimensions. 

Pro Tip: If the current image on the canvas is 4088 x 4088 px the image will not upscale.

 Step 3: By default the Before and After checkbox will be selected allowing you to view the image before and after the enhancement.   The original version will appear on the left of the slider arrow and the enhanced image will appear on the right side.  Select and drag the arrow slider to the left to view more of the enhanced image. Select and drag to the arrow slider right to view more of the original image. 

The Before and After checkbox can be deselected if you do not wish to see this option. Only the upscaled image will be displayed.  

 Step 4: Click Apply to save your changes. 

Step 5: If you're done, be sure to save your project

Final Results:

Mountains upscaled split view before and after image

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