Webcam Permissions for BeFunky

Before you can use your webcam in BeFunky, you’ll need to change your browser settings to give us permission.

This guide will show you how to update your browser settings.

Google Chrome  

Follow the instructions on how to enable your webcam on Chrome, and enable BeFunky on the 'Allowed Sites.' Close your preferences window, refresh the page, and you are good to go!

Mozilla Firefox

Instructions on changing camera permissions for Mozilla Firefox can be located in the section Using the Firefox Settings menu to change camera and microphone permissions via the Firefox support page. 


Follow the instructions via the Safari User Guide for your browser version to change the camera settings and allow BeFunky to access your webcam. 

Exit preferences, and refresh the page. Head back into the webcam drop down, and you will have access to your webcam. 

Microsoft Edge

Instructions on managing your camera setting for Edge can be located via their support site under How to allow a website to use your camera or microphone while browsing in Microsoft Edge.


Follow the instructions on how to Manage camera access on pages for Opera. Please have BeFunky listed under the 'Allow' section for your camera. 

After adjusting any settings and preferences, be sure to refresh your browser page and edit away! 

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