How To Blur Backgrounds

A blurred background is a great way to put all the emphasis on your subject. This is called 'depth of field' or 'tilt-shift' and is traditionally accomplished with an expensive camera lens. Here's how to accomplish that effect in BeFunky minus all the extra gear:

1.) Upload a photo to the Befunky Photo Editor. 

2.) In the Edit menu of the Photo Editor, select Funky Focus.

3.) Funky Focus gives you the option to blur images using Radial mode (for a circular shaped blur) or Linear mode (perfect for when you want to blur the background or other panes such as middle ground or foreground). You can select these options directly above the Blur Amount slider. They’re the first two symbols on the left.

Quick tip: For shallow depth of field, select a narrow point of focus in your target. For deeper depth, simply widen your focal point. To do this, you adjust the target’s size by clicking on the blue circles and dragging them with your mouse inwards (to make smaller) or outwards (to make larger).

4.) Blur Amount and Opacity can be adjusted by sliding the toggle left and right until you achieve your desired look.

5.) By clicking on the Reverse icon (it looks like two overlapping squares) you can flip which parts of your image remain in-focus or blurred.


Want to learn even more about blurring the background of your image? Here's more in-depth instructions on using Funky Focus.   

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