How To Use Paint Mode

Are you trying to apply digital effects to a specific portion of a photo? Look no further than Befunky's Paint Mode. With Paint Mode, you can use your mouse to paint the effect anywhere on your photo! 

1.) Upload your photo to the Photo Editor

2.) Select an effect. For this example, we chose the Cartoonizer DLX.

BeFunky Paint Mode

3.) Click on the Settings button. 

4.) Click on Paint (to the right of Adjust).

BeFunky Paint Mode

5a.) The effect will automatically cover the entire image. From here, you can use your mouse to remove the effect from areas of your photo to reveal the original image 

5b.) Click on the Reverse option (the icon that looks like two boxes layered on each other), using this option will remove the effect from the image entirely giving you the opportunity to then paint the effect onto the image wherever you'd like

BeFunky Paint Mode Example

6.) Adjust your Brush Size, Hardness, and Strength. 

7.) Paint away! You can now fill in your desired effect anywhere on your photo. 

8.) Be sure to click the blue check mark to Apply changes. 

Final Results

BeFunky Paint Mode Results

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