Perfecting Your Collage with Layouts

Our Layouts section in the Collage Maker offers dozens of preset grids and shapes, or create your own to fit your desired look. It has everything you need to create the perfect collection of images for your project. From graduation photos, to highlighting a perfect weekend holiday, we've got you covered!

Collage Wizard

Our revolutionary Collage Wizard allows you to populate images from your Image Manager directly into a collage grid that fits the number of images selected. Click through the collage options to choose one that meets your desired aesthetic. Then click Select this Collage to populate it to the canvas. You will then have proportioned, high-resolution images in a format ready to customize or share! 

Pro Tip: The Collage Wizard offers different options for preset layouts vs Create Your Own. Select the template you wish to use before using the Collage Wizard to apply it to your canvas.

Create Your Own 

You have the option to Create Your Own template in a more free-form Layout space. When selecting this option, you can resize the canvas using the sliders, to set your outline shape for your collage. You can then add images, graphics, and text directly to that canvas to make your own arrangement. These will populate as layers, rather than cells, so the functionality will be a little different than using a preset Layout

Layout Presets

The Layouts section is home to an entire library of shapes, grids, and other templates designed to meet your creative needs. Look through our Featured section to see our most popular designs, or browse our Pinterest and Facebook collections for your social media templates. You have so many options to choose from

Customizing Your Layout

Once you have selected or created your desired Layout, there are multiple options available for you to customize it:

  • Resize: Reshape and resize the cells in your Layout to get your preferred aesthetic.

Pro Tip: If you resize your Layout after adding your images to the collage, it may re-scale and crop the images added to your project. Resize and customize your template before adding images to ensure they are the original saved size. 

  • Add/Delete Cells: Add or remove cells in your collage if an image doesn't make the cut.
  • Customize Section: Review the Customize section in the left-hand menu to adjust spacing, background color, and more. 

Pro Tip: When using the Create Your Own Layout, you will not see options for grid spacing and corner rounding.

  • Adding Graphics and Text: Add graphics to a cell or over your collage to make it pop, or add text to provide captions to your images.
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