How To Use The Collage Maker

Our revolutionary Collage Wizard has perfected the collage-making process. Upload your photos and the Collage Wizard will transform them into impeccably proportioned, high-resolution collages. 

Step 1: To start a new collage, enter the Collage Maker and choose Image Manager from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Create With Collage MakerStep 2: You will be able to upload photos from your computer, Facebook, BeFunky, or our stock image collection. You'll see all your available images populate as thumbnails in your Image Manager.

Step 3: Next, choose Layouts from the menu on the left. From here you have two options:

Collage Wizard - Click on Collage Wizard to get started. Click on each image you'd like to add to the collage, then click the Use Images button to populate them into the wizard.

Collage Wizard will give you several layout options to choose from. You can flip through them by clicking the arrow to the right of the current layout. Once you find the layout you want to use, click the Select This Collage button:

Using the Collage WizardCreate Your Own - This option lets you create a fully customized collage. Choose one of the layout presets to add your images, then go back to your Image Manager and double-click or drag and drop to add the images you want to use into your collage:

Create Your Own Collage

Pro Tip :

Choose 'Autofill' in your Image Manager to have the Collage Maker fill in the current cells with your most recent images.

Step 4: If you'd like to change the sizing, click on the borders of your collage and drag to adjust the size, up to 4000 px.

Make Adjustments with Collage Maker

Pro Tip:

If you decide one of your images doesn’t make the cut, click on it in your collage and you will be given the option to edit, remove or delete the cell all together.

Step 5: For some more styling options, choose Customize from the menu on the left.

- Add a Background Color to change the border color between cells.
- Drag the Spacing slider to adjust the amount of blank space around your images.
- Use Corner Rounding to add curves to the cell borders.
- You can also pull an image into the space between two cells to add another cell into your collage.

Customize your CollageFinal Results:

Final Results of Collage Maker

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