How To Reduce Image Noise With BeFunky

Noise is a commonly used term in photography to describe visual distortion. It can appear in your photos as gritty or grainy texture, blotchy colors, speckled pixels of color, and other digital artifacts that weren’t present before you hit the capture button. It happens most commonly in two situations: low light conditions as your camera’s sensor is trying to pick up a wide range of light particles, and when the ISO setting on your camera is too high. Here's how to Denoise your photos with BeFunky's Photo Enhancer:



Step 1: Upload your photo into BeFunky’s Photo Enhancer.

Step 2: Click Denoise DLX, it's the fourth effect from the top.

Quick Tip: To see your original photo, press the “O” button on your keyboard and you can really see the difference in color this effect makes in just one click.

DenoiseDLX Befunky.jpg

Step 3: To adjust the intensity of the effect, click on the Settings Menu.

Here, you'll find a slider to adjust the Opacity. The opacity setting controls the intensity of the effect you’re applying.

Below Opacity, you'll find a slider to adjust Smoothness. Increasing the Smoothness will make the pixels look smoother, blending the noise with the truer pixels to create a more uniform look.

Next, adjust the Fine Details. This slider will enhance the depth and contrast so your subjects stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the photo. 

Denoise DLX Befunky.jpg

Step 4: Click the blue check mark to apply your changes. 

Final Results

AfterDeNoise Befunky.jpg

Want to learn more about Denoise DLX? We've got you covered.

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