How To Enhance Colors

With Vibrant Colors DLX you won't get the unnatural colors you see from over-saturated images (neon grass, glowing reds, alien blue skies, etc.) Here's how to use Vibrant Colors DLX.

* Vibrant Colors DLX is only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers.
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Step 1 - Upload your photo into BeFunky’s Photo Enhancer.

Step 2 - Click Vibrant Colors DLX, it's the third effect from the top.

Pro Tip : To see your original photo, press the “O” button on your keyboard and you can really see the difference in color this effect makes in just one click.

Step 3 - To adjust the intensity of the effect, click on the Settings Menu.

Step 4 - The Opacity slider represents the amount of the effect you’re seeing. For example, at 100% Opacity you’ll see 100% of the effect, and as you decrease this amount, the more of your original photo you’ll start to see.

Step 5 - The Color Amount slider represents the saturation, or intensity, of the colors. Vibrant Colors DLX is super intuitive, so it really focuses on enhancing the undersaturated pixels and mid-tones of your photo.  

Here's a great tutorial to take you more in-depth with Vibrant Colors DLX. 

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