Receipts, Invoice Information, and VAT

BeFunky does not collect any taxes or additional fees, and we are not VAT-registered. What you see on your receipt is what you get! There are no hidden fees, applied taxes, or exchange rates applied by us on your payment. If you see anything on your bank statement outside of what is displayed on your receipt, it may have been applied by your bank itself and you can contact them to confirm. Here is some information that is frequently asked: 

  • You can access your receipts from the billing section of your Account page. First, sign in to your account and scroll down. You can view and/or download receipts from the last 2 years there. If you need receipts from further back, submit a request to our Support team! 
  • We do not display business information on your receipt. If you need further information, you can find anything that is public domain online or see other information on our Privacy Policy. 
  • BeFunky is not VAT registered, and will not display any other tax information on your receipt, as it is not collected. 
  • An invoice will not be sent prior to the charge date to collect payment. Your receipts will display on your Account page on your subscription or renewal date. All subscriptions started through the mobile app will have their own receipts generated by their perspective app store. 
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