Feedback or Feature Requests

We here at BeFunky are a small team, so we rely heavily on our community input to make improvements or add features! Your feedback and communication are vital to keeping your experience on our app a positive one. We have several key pieces of information that help us get a clear picture of what you are looking for: 

  • Specific Feedback - If you are having a poor experience with the app, or difficulty with a specific tool or process, we want to know as much as possible. Since we are not able to be there with you, we rely on you to describe your experience. 
  • Provide Examples - Examples are the bread and butter of providing feedback! A picture of a specific style of a tool you've seen that you want on our app. Or a screenshot of a problem you are having with a tool. Having an image or example of what you are requesting is the perfect way to clarify your inquiry.

Our Plus subscribers can leave feedback directly from the app! In the top-right of your page, next to your profile icon, is a text box icon. You can also respond directly to our update emails or submit a request to our Support team. 

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